vendredi 29 mars 2013

What about now _ My opinion

Good evening,

I copy here what i did write on the backstage jbj forum:

Let me just say I find it unbelievably amazing What about now.The song are very well-worked as well as the music.I love because we can and especially i'm with you,what about now,amen is a beautiful song full of feeling,that's a water made me is amazing,high-energy,the lyrics of pictures of you are beautiful and very poetic, the melody of room at the end of the world touching for me.Army of one is a great, range song and also what's left of me.The lyrics of fighter are sensitive,beautiful world express very well what you can think in general and thick as thieves is a natural sweetness song.A brilliant album as always.The only desappointment is there aren't the lyrics.It's shame. For this reason i did all search on web,i then did copy them on my computer and did print them.Thus i can learn them because it's frustrating to do not know when you listen to it.I say a thousand bravos to this stunning new record.

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