samedi 13 octobre 2012

About the next album of bonjovi

Someone told me that the next album would be released on march 2013,the tour will start on february 2013 whereas the album will be released one month later and i have read that for the next tour the tickets could be sold on december 2012.What do you think of it?Isn't it rush things for the tickets and should we be careful about any information like the ones?I'm feel a little bit confused.

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fivefivegenie a dit…

Matt (Bongiovi) has even said presale (for fanclub members) could start as soon as the end of this month.

Personally, I don't see the draw of starting the tour before the album's even out - if we don't know the songs it kinda takes the fun out of the show - sure we'd be among the first to hear the new songs, but what fun is it to just stand there listening to songs we don't know & love already? But, who am I to question Bon Jovi Management?

Fanfan a dit…

Hello fivefivegenie,
Thanks for your comment and i agree with you.If we don't know any song how could sing and indeed what fun is it just stand there listen to songs.Why this need to rush things finally?Normally in first the album out and then there is announce for the tour.That's all the opposite.Honestly,i would prefer a normal way to do as usual.Strange!