mercredi 12 septembre 2012

A little help to do from you for BonJoviFans Forum

We are a small communauty of members to participate on:http://bonjovifans.mesfans.com  and i think that some are gowing tired to notice that the majority of members is for now restricted when that could be more better.We do our utmost to keep activity of forum but a mass more important of new participant would be obviously welcome in order to bring about changing.I have told with some of them about it and was agree with me,what did drive me to post this kind of subject here.The topics tackled do they liked?What are people looking for as subject of talk,what do they expect to?It's you should tell us in a freely way.Keep in your mind that the forum is harmless,simple and all the criticals are welcome because it's thanks to that we can progress.Don't you think so?We think that yes.As administrator of forum,i noticed that many people did register but they didn't follow up.Because of that,how can we expect to what the communauty can expand?A forum is not a prison,you can post as yo like.We would just like the new posts even not very often that is.In spite of our good-will,this ain't enough.Many people know a forum take place in general but i have impression that this one i have created scare them.You aren't entrance to a haunted house because the residents ar the nice ghosts don't bother.The guests are allowed to post there and you don't need register as member afterwards.If you want to start a new topic or reply to,you can because the forum is admittance free.We know the fans have a lot of ideas and they would be enthusiastic to share them so do it.We would be pleased to take part in your opinions.If somebody new post,the anothers follow again and so will increase the mass of active people for the fun of it.The state of mind is different in every forum and if you feel any apprehension or worry about,tell yourself that it's not something is widespread and you are welcome to wherever you are.Tell it around you and don't hesitate to go on forum is far from intimadating.Go post your subjects even weird in Fans Private Room and we will talk about it by drinking a cup of coffee/tea or hot chocolate.Make a touch of madness in order to have a good time and why not post by sharing a subject is close to your heart with a friend on:http://bonjovifans.mesfans.com
You can maybe also be umconfortable if the palce is not your own convenience as for example because of a minimal frequenting but a forum can't develop if not many people contribute to it.So let's go guys!

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