jeudi 28 juin 2012

Post your fanfictions

Hello dear fans around the world,
The next year,the forum:http://bonjovifans.mesfans.com will change and the new brand categories will be added as a category of fanfictions but two different kinds:The first will be only a friendly content and the second could be a little bit more a mischievous,scamp content.Concerning the both,no naughty content won't be accepted because the forum is a appropriate place.If you're somebody who like write,have a vivid imagination or who want to try for the first time well you'll be welcome in order to post the yours as just guest if you don't want to register as member because you can access to the forum as guest or you register there and also post your fanfiction and even many if you have written a few.So think about a any subject and start to write.
Yours sincerely,

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