vendredi 8 avril 2011

BonJovi Blaze of glory

I did buy lately as merchandise import a book written by Jeff Maitland entitled "Blaze of glory" as i named as title on the top.It is very interesting to read it,i've started the first chapter so that some pages that i choosed not in alphabetical order.He has done a good work very well wrote.One desappointment the four dvd's included inside of book are many less thrilling to watch them.Nothing really matter to know but what the fans have already knew.The comments from the journalists are sometimes boring and it is shame because i did expect to see much more interviews from the band or especially the extracts of the shows.You find out much more about to BonJovi by reading the book than by watching the dvd's.I liked very much the remark said from Jon Bonjovi that is the following:-<>Embarrassed by the making conception.The author of this book,Jeff Maitland did know describe very well the evolution of the musical work made by the band and also about to their tours,the hard phases because of them and their state of mind.At the ending,Jeff Maitland has rated for their first album to have a nice day.I disagree with his rates about to few songs for each albums.However,i haven't regret to have brought the book.BonJovi and management did unauthorized it maybe because of the four dvd's(i'm kidding)more logical they didn't check out the content of the book and this one is not the only.The result of the book "Blaze of glory" is treatise very right.I think as fan you could be wrong.

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