vendredi 30 juillet 2010

Slanderous book

Everybody knows,the ex tour manager has wrote a book called:"Sex drugs and BonJovi"unveilling the mistakes of the band for the 80's.How do believe it?I've read the extracts on the web and it almost made me sick.The pictures showed was for a professionnal shooting even if the scenes are intimate.I don't think that this Mr get off lightly because the revenge is the worst way to try to harm a réputation of a artist.I don't think he described the real personnality of BonJovi but to hurt the fans and the family of the band.If i was instead of him,i'll be embarrassed.I don't like to hear that Jon BonJovi was addict to the drugs as marijuna before to go on stage.Does he want to put this lie into somebody's head?I don't know finally if it is right to talk about to it anywhere because this Mr Rich will feel like a important person and proud to his rag.
*Advice from me for the band:Try to ignore and don't justify yourselves about to the book.The medias likes the gossip,scandals and especially when you're discreet about to your private life.

Believe only what you feel inside of you and obey to the intuition.

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