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Jon and his maracas

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Jon Bon Jovi playing the maracas: Is it sexy? I can't tell.
by Mandi Bierly
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Last night I saw Bon Jovi rock a stadium for the first time. Judging from the number of women seen tailgating (in groups, wearing matching T-shirts designed to mark the occasion) — and the fact that a husband sitting in front of me returned from a bathroom run pissed that the facility had chosen to convert a number of men’s rooms into ladies’ — the band’s fanbase is now 80 percent female. That makes the question in the headline important enough for me to interrupt my vacation: Does Jon Bon Jovi make the maracas sexy?

I caught The Circle Tour at Hershey Park, but after the jump, you’ll find a clip of him shaking said maracas during “Keep the Faith” at a Nashville concert last month. Watch, make an informed decision, then vote in our poll. Note: The clip starts out a bit blurry, but by :45, when you first realize the level of Jon’s commitment, it’s crystal clear. You’ll then want to skip ahead to 2:12, when he turns his back to the audience and begins to shake the maracas side-to-side. It was at this point, watching him on the giant screen last night, that I had to laugh. There may have been an actual guffaw when he hit — and held — the position pictured above. But then things got confusing: When he turned away from us again (like at 4:16), I realized he’d somehow gone around the dial, passed not-sexy, and was back to being sexy. My theory: you watch Jon Bon Jovi perform any repetitive motion long enough, you’re going to think of sex.

I have been read this article and notice the reaction the female fans.How a such artist can he makes the women in this state?Guess.hahahah!

I have been read this article about to it was funny to notice the reaction the female audience when they see him shacking the maracas by singing "> KEEP THE FAITH".How a such artist can he make the women in this state?Guess.

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