dimanche 30 mars 2008

man proud on stage

2003.Bounce Tour

Thanks and the rules

Thanks fenrisar for your comment,but a little bit strange.
I would like the visitors who came on the blog,write the comments about to the photographs,bonjovi and so on.......... .
I remember you,the blog don't allowed the coarse comments.Don't be rude.
The messages will be rude,will be remove.Don't forget it!
Please,be honest and the courage about to yours opinions.
Enjoy it,everybody.Admin

Sexy man

If you want read the fiction,wrote by a fan of bonjovi,click on the link.
His blog is opesters world.blogspot.com.It's very interesting.The hotties stories on bonjovi.Enjoy it.

mercredi 26 mars 2008

Exceptional duo

In 95 in Wembley stadium for the these days tour.

Photograph of the fan for a concert .Lost highway tour 2008.

Jon & Richie

Bounce 2002 for a interview.

Always The grace of god

dimanche 23 mars 2008

Kiss From Me

Thank you to all the fans all around the world.I feel a lot of pleasure to make this blog about to Bonjovi.

Pulse Heart

Symbol of Bonjovi for the album LOST HIGHWAY.
An exceptional album rythm your heart for every song.

A kiss from jon

Memories Albums

Model for Versace.
Made by a fan.
Photo is a success,took by a fan for a concert in 2008.Congratulation.
Ditto for this one.



Conclusion:can't resist.

Jon Photos.

For the MTV.

Can we say:SEx Symbol?Yessssssssssssss!

Album Bonjovi Covers

Crush 2000.

Bounce 2002.

Photos Gallery

Concert In California.

Photograph took by a fan.A very good image.

Bonjovi Home.
It's My Life.

Bonjovi Photos