samedi 12 janvier 2008

A award for the band

The band received a award on the month november in the german show in 2007.This show is on the blog on the left file.

Grammy awards:a award for bonjovi?

Bonjovi is nominated with two song:you want to make a memory and lost highway.
They have the good chance to get a award.The show will be the 10 th february 2007 in los angeles.

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A merry christmas.A sexy santa claus with her assistant

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A good time together:jon bonjovi,richie sambora and herther locklear

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Super bowl
misunderstood video

Lost highway.A great success

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A walk in the street of New York,between lover.

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Pretty model

OH! very hot photograph.OOOPS!What beautiful body,MR.
This left feels right

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Fans can't be wrong
We must to admit.It's a gorgeous man.

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I'm a cow-boy
Always chic,mr

A very beautiful couple

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All about loving you
Wembley in 95.These day tour
This ain't a love song

Interview from jon

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Enjoy a concert of bonjovi

24 years of career.Bonjovi rules on the world of music


Good performance in ALLY MC BEAL.

He is able to be a credible actor in the movies.

We dedicate all our respect,love for their music and them,as artist and human.