mardi 6 novembre 2007

Sign the bonjovi dreambook's

The first time i hear bonjovi, it was in 1994 for the best of.
I fell in love with the song ALWAYS.It was interesting to find out the career of bonjovi.
I was fourteen years1\2 and astounding.My first concert was 95 to hyppodrome de longchamps.
Bonjovi was as guest star for the concert of the rolling stones.My eyes sparkled to happiness.
A unforgettable memory,but i missed almost one hour and i only saw them five minutes.
I had a chance in 96 to see them to Paris/Bercy and ditto 2001.
For thirteen years,i have a great admiration for their imagination,renewal,talented,creativity,
inspiration.Sometimes,i say to myself that i have the chance to appreciate,love the band.
I'm still astonished.I feel like to be in the beginning,everytime.It's a wonderful sensation i have inside to me.A spiritual adventure with them and strong.When i listening the tracks,my mind is elsewhere.My bones rattle,my soul shake up.I'll be bangin' sangin' just like the rolling stones.
Because i've got the right.Eighteen fabulous albums from them.What long road since 1984,for the first album humbly called:BONJOVI.The destiny from four tenager,who come in New Jersey with a objective,become the famous artist,make a good rock music and have a long life as musician.Personally,Bonjovi is precious.I have a great respect.I finally found my way,say hello to future and goodbye to yesterday.Thanks,Bonjovi.Marla.

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