mardi 6 novembre 2007


My first,unforgettable memory is the concert to Paris/Bercy on july 1st in 1996.
I was standing on the second row,front in the stage and when the show is came to an end,i was
near on the corner with the others girls.Jon walked to us and we tried to take her hand,but it was impossible.I could see him face to face.A upsetting feeling and strange.I saw his blues eyes,a colour so clear and beautiful.I'm a person who live a mediocre everyday life,tedious and i waiting for a best life.I have a artist soul and love all about a artistic world.So ,for me it's fascinate to see a artist in front me.That's all.
I'm afraid of going back again.So i drive,years and miles are flying by.
A independance day that will come.
I agree,i'd rather the concert in 2001.A different athmosphere and i had the chance to be on the third row.My mother is came with me ,two time.A complicity between us.
Tell your(s) memory(ies).

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