lundi 5 novembre 2007


It is high time to pay homage to a legendary,mythic band BONJOVI.
For twenty-three years,they didn't stopped to astonish us.A surprising career.
They are on the top of the successful.A interesting musical evolution and fascinating.They had many awards for the beginning from to:American Music Awards,Grammy Awards,Europe Music Awards,Video Music Awards,World Music Awards and now.The phenomenal worlwides all around the world.Bonjovi have a passion for the rock music.Their in fluence:Led Zepplin,Deep Purple,Bob Dylan,Aerosmith,Thin Lizzy and of course Bruce Springsteen.
All come from New Jersey.A strong friendship for twenty-seven years.A wonderful apprenticeship of the music,a very good formation,a hard labour.Their successful thanks to the determination,perseverance,faith,brave,the fondness for the rock music,the passion,work.They belief in them,their destiny and the music power's.This band is only,irreplaceable,talented,a quality composition's,generous,charismatic.I think we are bewitch for their songs,melody,dynamism.The fans can't be wrong with BONJOVI.Their most beautiful gift is the love,respect,fidelity,loyalty from the fans.It's been a long road for bonjovi and it ain't over yet.Just the beginning.

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